Willem Wiltink

Al 65 jaar brood gewoon bijzonder

How it started

On July 14, 1952 Willem Wiltink baked in his new, 35 m2 bakery at the J.G. Heuthorststraat in Doetinchem making his first 20 loaves. Bread boxes were taken on the door-to-door delivery by bike, everything from A to Z on his own. A year later, Willem and his wife Lien built a house with a shop in front of the bakery and bread was also supplied to institutions, hospitals and so- called ‘cold bakers’.

How it went on

In the 60’s Bakker Wiltink also went to supply supermarkets and catering companies. The size of the company increased and especially the bread turnover increased enormously. Due to the continuous growth, the bakery had to be rebuild and enlarge several times. Construction started in 1972 and the move in 1973 to the Houtmolenstraat. In the 1980s, the second generation Wiltink made its appearance in the bakery. Production continued to increase and various acquisitions were made.

A new century

In 2000 a new hall was built on the Plakhorstweg and in 2010 a new artisan bakery was built on the Wiltink site and the Fruit & BroodLab was put into use. Over the past 65 years, Bakker Wiltink has grown into a modern bakery where, according to the latest standards and requirements, work is carried out in the areas of food safety, health & safety, the environment and legislation. The third generation has now joined the company. This way we remain enterprising in bread.