Fruit & Bread LAB

Bakker Wiltink Fruit & Brood LAB

Working together, the best basis for innovation

Bakker Wiltink has a unique Fruit & Bread LAB. There you can work together with master bakeries to create new bread innovations in co-creation. It is a place where the knowledge and experience of our customers comes together with the professional enthusiasm of our bakers and other specialists. And that automatically leads to tasty new products, concepts, stories or packaging.

Let us surprise you 

IIn the Fruit & Bread LAB we discover the bread innovations of the future together with our customers. Be surprised by a richly filled library full of books about bread in all its forms, a curiosity cabinet with special products and atmospheric and inspiring photo shoots of trend tours through the world of food.

Food designers, innovation and trend experts

With modern media we scan the virtual world of bread and thanks to smart brainstorming techniques we achieve promising innovations. We share the most up-to-date insights with food designers, innovation and trend experts. About consumer trends, for example. But also about market data, baking techniques and worldly recipes.

Bread comes to life

In our test bakery we bring innovations to life. Here it smells fresh and delicious. Ideas turn into tangible products. Kneading, mixing, slicing, mashing, stamping, drying, pressing and we mix different ingredients to give them a place on, in or through the dough.

Creating together

At Bakker Wiltink we are rather idiosyncratic. That is no different if you have set the tone for 65 years with special bread productes and specialties. But idiosyncratic is anything but stubborn. We also learn every day and we like to hear from others how we can better meet the wishes of our customers. How do we do that? Simple: we work closely with those customers. With you! We believe in co-creation. You are close to your consumer with all their specific wishes and desires, When that insight is linked to our knowledge of bread, the most successful innovations will come.